An awe-inspiring bridge!

Ever since Curtis decided to gather all the RVillagers in one place, we get behind the wheel and drive to connect with other like-minded spirits. After another harsh winter in…

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Buttermilk Falls Hike 2

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The hike and the view from the top of Buttermilk Falls is so breath-taking, we had to come back, this time around with the entire Chapulines crew: Evelina, Susan, Reina,…

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Buttermilk Falls – Hike 1

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A breath-taking view and equally breath-taking (literally) hike up Buttermilk Falls, at the Delaware Gap park. And in case you are wondering, that is our friend Gonzalo in the blue…

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Lackner Trail

Baruch Spinoza used to say that if you can't find God in the eyes of a child or the beauty of nature, you would never find it in a book.…

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